Fun Dog Training in Trowbridge

I am very pleased to say how much fun was had by all during the first of the Canine Wild Walks dog training in Trowbridge! Marvelous Manners is a small class (6 dogs maximum) emphasizing positive techniques whilst having fun and teaching your dog some manners.

Peggy learning a down in dog training in trowbridge

Here is a picture of Peggy almost learning a ‘down’ but nailing the ‘bow’ instead!

It is really important not to stop training your dog once you finish with puppy classes. Although puppy classes are a great start, you may need to top up your dog’s training as they become ‘teenagers’.

What do you learn?

The Marvelous Manners dog obedience classes allow your dog to learn to focus on you in a distracting environment and work on exercises to improve self control. Combined with helpful strategies for the best way to improve your dogs manners around guests and other dogs.

DOugie learning a down stay in dog training classes

Dougie learning a ‘down-stay’

The course covers recall, impulse control behaviours, leave, stay, meeting strangers, walking well on lead, control meeting other dogs and many tricks and tips!

Why train older dogs?

As dogs grow up they do start to challenge the boundaries, and dogs of between 9 months and 18 months are often given up for adoption due to boisterousness or for ‘not listening’ to their owners . Your sweet obedient puppy may turn into an unruly teenager and start to turn a deaf ear to your commands. This is where top up training can help to ensure you maintain the behaviours you want from your dog through this stage to get the best relationship¬† with your adult dog.

Join us for Marvelous Manners dog training in Trowbridge for all aged dogs to continue your training or as a reminder to adolescent dogs of their basic manners!


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