Online Personalised Puppy Program

Dog looking at a laptop
Image courtesy of Derek Gavey CC

Missed out on a puppy class? Worried about getting things right on your own? Join our new Online Personalised Puppy Program where we guide you through the early stages of puppy ownership, answer your questions, set up the foundations for your dog and introduce your puppy to the basic manners they will need as they grow.

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Although you can’t attend a puppy class at the moment you don’t need to be left behind! In fact it is more important than ever to build a solid foundation of good behaviours for when they can get out and about in the world.

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The Online Personalised Puppy Program consists of:

  • Four online classes personalised to you and your puppy – held via zoom which allows me to see you and your puppy, demonstrate new behaviours, check on how your training is going and address any questions you have
  • Online support for questions – through email or whatsapp
  • Access to video demonstrations of the exercises we will discuss in the class plus other exercises that can help you with your training
  • Membership to the exclusive facebook group for new puppy owners training with Canine Wild Walks
  • Priority Access to small socialisation walks with other dogs when possible, to get your puppy used to meeting dogs and getting out in the world
  • Email round-up of what we discuss and homework to get advance your puppy’s learning ready for the next session.