About me

Canine Wildwalks was created by me, Charlie Beldon, in the spring of 2012.


I am a qualified canine behaviourist (I hold a BSc in Canine Behaviour and Training) with over six years of experience in training and rehabilitating dogs both in the home and in rescue centres. I have also taught puppy and fun agility classes. Years of experience in scientific research have also given me a unique angle when dealing with behavioural problems.

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My training is scientifically based and always follows a positive ethos. I believe wholeheartedly in positive reinforcement and building a strong bond between you and your dog. Training sessions at Canine Wild Walks do not use physical punishment, shock, spray or prong collars or any harsh treatment.

Many behaviourists take on difficult dogs, and I am no exception. My three dogs, Stig, Zero and Ava were all rescued, Stig, a Staffie-Boxer (with a little Husky) came from a rescue centre after a difficult start on the streets as a stray. Zero, a Lakeland Terrier X Springer Spaniel came to me from Wales, after his original owner passed away. Last to join the family is Ava, a collie X staffi who spent her early life confined to a single room and had to learn how to walk on lead and not just stop and sit down when outside!

All of them have been great trainers and taught me a lot, from basic manners to easing traffic chasing, nervous behaviours, guarding and above all how to manage a multi-dog household!

If you are interested in my experience and qualifications, please get in touch and I would be happy to talk through my previous work. I am always interested in ongoing personal development and keeping up to date with current training and behaviour research. Here are some of my qualifications and courses I have attended:

  • BSc in Canine Behaviour and Training (2014)
  • Introduction to TTouch (one day workshop) (2010)
  • Mind your dog Scent Workshop – Its all about the nose (two day workshop) (2011)
  • Dr. Ian Dunbar’s Sirius Dog Training Academy (four day course) (2012)
  • Pawsitively Dogs – Focus and Control Workshop (two day) (2012)
  • Kelly Gorman Dunbar – Sirius Sniffers (two day workshop) (2012)
  • John Rodgerson Ultimate Recall Course (three day workshop) (2012)
  • Talking Dogs Scentwork Level 2 (two day workshop) (2013)
  • IMDT Agility Instructor Training (three day course) (2014)
  • RSPCA South West Regional Conference (2014)
  • Resource Guarding Seminar – Devon Dogs (2015)
  • Sarah Whitehead Masterclass on Dog-Dog play (2015)
  • Isla Fisburn – Listen to your Dog to Learn, Live and Love with your Dog (two day workshop) (2016)
  • Beginners guide to Canine Massage (one day workshop) (2016)


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