Dog Walking

Canine Wild Walks offers a professional and reliable dog walking service in the Trowbridge and local areas for all types of dogs, giving your dog a break during the day when you can be with them.

Dog walks are a great way to break up the boredom of the day for your dog and get out there excess energy while you are at work so you can enjoy the best times with your dog.

Dog walking trowbridgeWorried your dog is too much for a dog walker? Does your dog pull on lead? Barks and pulls to get to other dogs or people? Are your walks a chore rather than a pleasure? Have you been turned away by other dog walkers? I specialise in walking challenging dogs, dogs which need someone who understands their issues and can give the extra input to make their walks stress free and fun for the dog.

Due to the level of attention each dog gets on a wild walk, some walks are on-lead and individual, for the more social dogs I also walk small compatible groups. This allows me to spend time both exercising and tutoring your dog and gives them the opportunity to get the most out of their walks.

I am also prepared to get to know your dog before they become a regular client to ensure we are good friends when we do start walking together!