Behavioural Services

Behavioural Advice can help with many issuesCanine Wild Walks offers specialist consultations for one-on-one behavioural advice. There are many challenges facing the modern dog owner and the modern dog.  Once in a while, everyone needs a bit of a helping hand (or paw) or just a fresh way of looking at a problem. I have helped many dogs with a wide variety of behavioural issues including separation issues, aggression towards people or dogs, house-training, boisterous behaviour, traffic fear and many more.

What to expect

The behavioural consult last approximately two hours and we will discuss your dogs history, the problem in depth, what is causing the problems and how to best approach changing your dogs behaviour. If it is appropriate the session can also involve a walk to start to practice new training and learn strategies for helping your dog. I also follow up with an in-depth written report with step by step guidance on how to progress your training. Free email and phone support is available after any consult.

Helping a dog recover and change their behaviour can often take time and it is often helpful to have follow up sessions to ensure the training is going well and to move the training along if you need to.

Canine Wild Walks request that you get a veterinary referral before seeking behavioural advice. For behavioural issues, it is important that you take your dog to a vet and make them aware that you are planning to consult a behaviourist as there are many medical conditions that can cause behavioural issues. It is important that we rule out a medical reason before putting into place a behavioural modification plan to give you and your dog the best chance of success. Please see our downloadable vet referral form.

Please note that I do not require veterinary referrals for training issues or Puppy Life-Skills primers or individual training sessions.